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Italy's FIGC rebrands with new logo and sound identity

FIGC old logo
FIGC new logo

The country's football federation unveiled a brand new identity.

"We are ready for the future." says FIGC President Gabriele Gravina in a press release about the rebranding. "We still have that same desire to generate extraordinary emotions in all our fans. It is these emotions that have helped create the new badge that will appear on our shirts, renewing a glorious tradition in the process, and which provided the inspiration for the brand-new sound logo and ‘Azzurri’ track.”

The FIGC, or Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, is the governing body for football in Italy. It was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in Rome. It is a member of both UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

The FIGC is responsible for organizing and promoting the sport of football in Italy, including the national team and the top professional league, Serie A. It also oversees the lower divisions of Italian football, as well as the country's national cup competitions, such as the Coppa Italia.

One of the main tasks of the FIGC is to select and manage the Italian national football team, which represents Italy in international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship.

The FIGC is also responsible for regulating and enforcing the rules of the game in Italy, including discipline and player transfers. It works closely with the Italian Footballers' Association (AIC) to protect the rights and interests of players.

In addition to its administrative duties, the FIGC is also involved in the development of football in Italy, supporting grassroots initiatives and providing training and education for coaches and players.

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