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TV Channel Freeform goes further forward with new logo

Freeform old logo
Freeform new logo

The US TV channel has changed its look for the third time in five years.

“We really wanted to refine who we were and who we were serving, and then ultimately connect the dots visually,” says Content Marketing Senior VP, Joe Ortiz in an interview. “What we wanted to do is to create something that was modern and ownable and ultimately emotive, much like our audience. So, it was just a full Freeform evolution.”

Formerly known as CBN, Fox Family, and ABC Family, Freeform was launched in 1977 and is a cable television channel owned by Walt Disney Television. The network – headquartered in Burbank, California – primarily caters to viewers who are teenagers or young adults. Freeform produces a mix of made-for-TV films as well as original television series. The channel is a public television channel and is broadcasted nationwide in the United States.

Despite changing its name to Freeform, the channel still airs movies and TV shows from ABC Family Programming, while releasing new series’ under the Freeform name. Other services of the channel include a video-on-demand service called Freeform On Demand, and Freeform HD, which lets viewers watch all Freeform programs in 720p. The channel also hosts its shows and movies on the streaming service Hulu.

The channel also has international versions: ABC Spark in Canada and Challenge TV in the UK. Channel TV has a more family-friendly focus compared to Freeform in the US, and primarily airs game shows as well as reruns from the US version.

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