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Nokia Rebrands to Amplify Its B2B Offering

Nokia old logo
Nokia new logo

The famous phone brand rebrands to remind everyone it's not just a phone brand anymore.

“In most people’s minds, we are still a successful mobile phone brand, but this is not what Nokia is about,” according to Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark about the rebranding. “We want to launch a new brand that is focusing very much on the networks and industrial digitalization, which is a completely different thing from the legacy mobile phones.”

Nokia is a multinational technology company that was founded in 1865 in Finland. Initially, the company started as a paper mill, but it later expanded into the telecommunications industry in the 1960s. Nokia was a pioneer in the mobile phone industry, and it dominated the market in the early 2000s with its iconic Nokia 3310 model.

Today, Nokia is primarily known for its telecommunications equipment and services. The company operates in various segments, including Nokia Networks, Nokia Technologies, and Nokia Bell Labs. Nokia Networks provides network infrastructure and services to telecommunications operators, while Nokia Technologies focuses on developing new technologies and intellectual property licensing. Nokia Bell Labs is responsible for research and development in various fields, including wireless communication, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

In recent years, Nokia has expanded into new markets, such as digital health, through its acquisition of Withings, and virtual reality, through its partnership with Disney. Nokia's current focus is on developing 5G technology and providing end-to-end network solutions for telecommunications operators.

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