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The Verge rebrands with an ‘unfinished’ new logo

The Verge old logo
The Verge new logo

The technology news website debuted a new brand identity.

“We have a sharp new logo that started with the idea of an unfinished interface between the present and the future.” according to Nilay Patel, Editor-in-Chief of The Verge. “The Verge is meant to be beautiful and boundary-pushing, and our new design reflects that.”

The Verge is a news website launched by Vox Media in 2011. It is primarily a technology news site, that focuses on product reviews, tech launch coverages, and feature articles.

Aside from publishing news articles, The Verge also hosts podcasts as well as guidebooks for users. Before it was called The Verge, it was a prototype site called This Is My Next, which amassed 10 million total page views before it was closed to relaunch as The Verge. At the time of its launch, The Verge gained around 20 million page views and 4 million visitors.

In 2013, the website launched a division called Verge Science. It also branched off into other forms of journalism such as Entertainment journalism in later years. The website also found its footing on YouTube, creating On The Verge, a news entertainment show that is similar to a late-night talk show. Aside from On The Verge, the website also released two web series: Space Craft and Next Level.

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