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Western Digital’s new mark is a ‘beacon of possibility’

Western Digital’s old logo
Western Digital’s new logo

American company, Western Digital, unveiled a new mark through its social media accounts.

Western Digital Corporation, commonly known as Western Digital, is a data storage company in San Jose, California. Its products and solutions provide consumers and businesses with greater access to data and more ways of managing information. Wherever data needs to be stored and accessed–from consumer devices to the most complex data centers–Western Digital is there.

Founded as General Digital in 1970, Western Digital would adopt its current name from its first product–the WD1402A. Until the 1980s, the company would be widely known as the largest maker of independent calculator chips in the world.

Today, Western Digital is a Standard & Poor’s 500 company. It has reached $20 billion of annual revenue and more than 70,000 employees worldwide. The company has one of the tech industry’s most valuable patent portfolios with about 13,700 active patents across the globe. Western Digital is publicly traded in NASDAQ under the ticker symbol WDC.

Western Digital icon

Western Digital

Western Digital new logo
Western Digital new logo
Western Digital new logo

According to Western Digital’s Facebook page about the new mark, “It’s a new day at Western Digital. Our new mark is a beacon of possibility. So go, be great. Create What’s Next.”

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