September 20th, 2021

Zenfolio's Rebrand


Jason Egnal, Chief Marketing Officer at Zenfolio, talked about their new logo and font type, what he would have done differently in their rebranding process, and “The Bigger Picture”.

Can you introduce us to Zenfolio, its beginnings, and what it’s about?

Zenfolio was launched in 2006 for those passionate about photography and who wanted an end-to-end solution for marketing, portfolio presentation, client galleries, and selling photos.

Over the last two years, Zenfolio has been rebuilding its 15-year-old solution, improving the backbone of the Classic product to enhance stability, performance and security, while in parallel, building a brand new user experience on a new, cutting-edge platform.

Our new solution caters to the needs of all photographers, from aspiring photographers to part-time and full-time professionals.

Today, Zenfolio is mobile-first, has built-in social features, and AI capabilities. We help photographers be more productive by automating every aspect of their business so they can grow efficiently.

You’ve updated your technology and systems. Why also do a rebranding on top of that?
How did the process of rebranding go? What kind of prep work did you do before rebranding?
Tell us more about your new logo. What is the significance of the rings?
What about changes to the font type and other parts of the visual identity?
Your tagline is ‘The Bigger Picture’. Why did you choose that slogan?
Could you share with us a takeaway or learning from this entire experience?
What’s next for Zenfolio?

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