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Bord na Móna is an iconic Irish company operating four business units - Powergen Development, Resource Recovery, Energy and New Business.


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Bord na Móna is a leading brand committed to creating a climate-neutral Ireland by 2050. With a vision for a brighter future, they aim to help Ireland achieve net-zero emissions. Recognizing the crucial state of the world and the far-reaching impacts of climate change, Bord na Móna believes in the collective responsibility of individuals and organizations to take action.

To contribute to Ireland's climate strategy, Bord na Móna develops innovative climate solutions. They redefine their role in addressing the challenges of the climate crisis and actively work to inspire change and meet Ireland's climate goals. By working with and for nature, they manage their natural assets in a sustainable way.

Bord na Móna focuses on three key areas: rethinking their approach to climate action, renewing their energy sources and recycling waste, and restoring balance to biodiversity through the rehabilitation of lands. In addition, they deliver clean energy, carbon storage, and resource recovery solutions. With their mission and core elements, they aim to provide Ireland with sustainable energy, effectively rehabilitate peatlands, deliver world-class waste management, and enable Ireland to reimagine its engagement with climate action.

Overall, Bord na Móna is committed to creating a greener and more sustainable Ireland through their products, services, and dedication to climate solutions


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