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Closeli is a leading global provider of intelligent video solutions, offering cloud-based video services and smart hardware products for both businesses and consumers. Founded by ArcSoft, a renowned American software company, Closeli leverages cutting-edge visual and cloud computing technologies to create comprehensive video solutions that prioritize continuous value creation, technological innovation, and exceptional user experiences. Closeli's headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, with regional business and research centers in Nanjing, Shanghai, and the United States.

With a team consisting primarily of scientists and engineers, many of whom have experience serving the world's most prominent companies, Closeli has amassed a wealth of technical expertise in fields such as image processing, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. In addition to their focus on technology research and development, Closeli places great importance on enhancing user experiences and has introduced a range of smart hardware products for consumers, including intelligent cameras, panoramic cameras, smart dashcams, smart home kits, and VR devices. They also offer industry-specific solutions for telecom/broadcast operators, smart cities, chain stores/business halls, transparent kitchens, online streaming, and more.

Beyond enterprise solutions and consumer products, Closeli has launched the Closeli Cloud Video Capability Open Platform, which provides end-to-end solutions for enterprise customers in the IPC, smart doorbell, smart appliances, and robotics industries. This platform enables seamless integration of video capabilities, reducing research and development costs while improving product user experiences. Closeli's mission is to deliver superior visual experiences and real value to global industry clients, enterprise customers, and consumers alike.

They prioritize customer satisfaction, talent development, and user experiences, striving to turn their vision of a better life into reality. Contact Closeli today to experience their innovative video solutions and join the movement towards a brighter future


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