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Collegio Ingegneri Venezia - รจ una libera associazione di Ingegneri che si occupa della parte culturale della professione.


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Collegio degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Venezia | Marghera is a renowned association of engineers dedicated to the cultural aspect of the profession. With the highest number of registered members in Italy, the Collegio offers a wide range of products and services. Their website provides valuable information on the organization, including its purpose, statutes, and directive committees.

They also keep members updated on industry news, events, and publications through their newsletter. The Collegio places a strong emphasis on addressing climate change and diversifying energy production sources. They organize conferences, technical visits, and award ceremonies to recognize outstanding engineers in the field.

The brand's dedication to the development and promotion of engineering excellence is evident in their efforts to support initiatives such as the renaissance of the Venice Port, the conservation of the Venice lagoon, and the advocacy for sustainable practices. For more information about their activities, you can visit their website or contact their office located at Via Bruno Maderna, 7, 30174 Venezia Mestre. The Collegio's secretariat is available to assist from Monday to Friday, with additional information such as contact numbers and email addresses provided on their website


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