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CONSTIN bietet Entwicklung von Designgehäusen in Berlin: Produktdesign, Konstruktion, Prototyping, 3D-Druck und Serienfertigung


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CONSTIN is a leading brand in Berlin that specializes in the development of design enclosures. They offer a range of services including product design, construction, prototyping, 3D printing, and series production. CONSTIN is dedicated to transforming ideas into tangible products, and their skilled team ensures high-quality results. In terms of design, CONSTIN follows a comprehensive design process that includes concept development, detailing, and functional modeling.

They also offer engineering services, focusing on construction concepts, prototype construction, and series production. PROTOTYPING is another area of expertise for CONSTIN. They provide rapid prototyping services, including CNC milling, vacuum casting, and surface finishing. Furthermore, CONSTIN offers production services for various components, including plastic and metal parts, as well as assembly, small series production, and logistics.

CONSTIN is committed to innovation and works on a diverse range of projects. Their team of experts brings ideas to life, ensuring outstanding results and planning security. With their certifications and memberships in various industry associations, CONSTIN demonstrates their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Overall, CONSTIN is the go-to brand for anyone looking for top-notch design enclosure solutions and reliable services in Berlin.


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