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Dagmaara SIA ir grāmatveži, personāla speciālisti, lietveži un uzskaitveži, kvalitātes vadītāji, tulki, programmētāji un sistēmadministratori, kā arī – kā punkts uz i – mums ir arī psihologs.


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Dagmaara is a brand that offers comprehensive accounting services to individuals and businesses, making tax matters easy to understand. The brand was born from the merger of several knowledgeable and experienced families, including accountants, HR specialists, compliance officers, translators, programmers, and system administrators. With years of collective experience, Dagmaara has developed unique cross-competencies, particularly in quality management within the field of accounting.

Their range of services includes accounting, tax consultations, and financial audits. They also provide specialized services in personnel management, labor law consultations, and the establishment of companies, associations, and foundations. Additionally, Dagmaara offers services in hardware and software procurement and maintenance, domain acquisition and hosting, and website and mobile application development.

They even offer internships and free consultations for students. Dagmaara's team of dedicated experts are known for their exceptional ability to understand clients' needs and find solutions. They utilize various financial systems such as Hansa Enterprise, Tildes Jumis, Horizon, SAP, Moneo, Uniconta, and Briox to tailor their services according to each client's business operations.

Dagmaara is a member of the Latvian Association of Accountants and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They hold an outsourced accounting license (AGL0000020) and are fully committed to continuous learning and consultations with industry experts. Whether you require professional accounting, quality management, or IT services, Dagmaara is here to assist you.

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