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Damo is a renowned brand that is dedicated to creating a comprehensive communication platform for the field of life sciences. With its intelligent, efficient, and secure data mining and processing methods, Damo elevates the efficiency of various aspects of pharmaceutical and clinical research by providing structured and high-value scientific research data. In doing so, Damo aims to restore the value of scientific research and drive technological progress and industrial development.

Damo is committed to building a scientific research community, catering to the social and information needs of researchers in the pharmaceutical industry. With nearly 300,000 scientists, Damo effectively addresses the pain points of experimental and research duplication through scientific information, research Q&A, and interest group classifications. Additionally, Damo encourages users to share their research achievements within the community, effectively mobilizing the members' enthusiasm.

Damo's user base mainly consists of young, highly knowledgeable individuals in the fields of life sciences, cellular biology, and medicine. The community has become one of the influential medical research communities in China, attracting a substantial amount of high-quality traffic. Leveraging this, Damo has developed and launched Damo Data, a platform that provides data services for innovative pharmaceutical companies.

By integrating thousands of authoritative sources worldwide and utilizing big data and AI technologies, Damo Data offers a one-stop pharmaceutical data retrieval system with over 20 dimensions. The product encompasses various areas of research and development, including active drug data, target information, clinical trials, regulatory approvals, consistency evaluations, market information, formulation and excipient data, process data, pharmacopoeia, drug instructions, guidelines, patents, and literature. Damo Data currently includes more than 27 million research and development data points.

Damo's mission is to improve human health and save more lives. By empowering traditional pharmaceutical fields through technology and internet genes, Damo is determined to contribute to China's independent medical research and development and further seize the opportunities in the industry. With the continuous advancement of the internet, Damo is expected to make significant strides in supporting pharmaceutical research and development


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