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Debitron Termo is a dynamic commercial enterprise that offers advanced technology solutions for the food industry. They specialize in processing meat, milk, and vegetables, providing cost-effective solutions for various technological processes. In the meat industry, they offer equipment for stunning, slaughtering, cutting, slicing, mincing, filling, dosing, heat treatment, and packaging.

For the milk industry, they provide equipment for collection, analysis, separation, bactofugation, pasteurization, coagulation, homogenization, pressing, scalding, emulsification, and packaging. In the fruit and vegetable industry, they offer equipment for washing, drying, size reduction, optical sorting, calibration, root binding, and packaging. Additionally, they provide accessories such as refrigeration and freezing doors, drainage systems, boot dryers, sinks, foam washing installations, and professional knives.

They also offer measurement and control devices with hygienic connections for monitoring process parameters like temperature, pressure, level, turbidity, conductivity, density, and concentration. Debitron Termo collaborates with prestigious manufacturers and customizes their product range to meet diverse market requirements. They also supply equipment for hygiene, thermal insulation, and inter-operational transportation


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