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DEON is a team collaboration software for the next generation workforce.


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DEON is a dynamic and innovative brand that offers the Visual Collaboration Platform, revolutionizing digital work and collaboration. With DEON, you can have all your files and tools conveniently located on one Infinite Canvas, providing an exceptional user experience. DEON integrates seamlessly with a wide range of systems and formats, including popular Microsoft applications like MS Teams, O365, Sharepoint, and OneDrive.

By leveraging the power of DEON, you can work in a more visual way, stimulating creativity, simplifying complexity, and improving productivity. This versatile platform caters to a variety of use cases. For Microsoft O365 users, DEON offers a visual and agile approach to enhance productivity and user experience.

It enables you to spread important documents and data from multiple sources, ensuring everything is exactly where you left it. DEON also facilitates personal dashboards, keeping you up to date with all relevant documents and information for your current work. It eliminates the need for extensive searching, program opening delays, and scrolling or flipping through pages.

Whether you're working in a distributed team, switching between office and home office, or running digital labs, DEON serves as a virtual space where team members can seamlessly collaborate, share notes and documents, and work together in real-time. This streamlines teamwork processes, increases efficiency, and keeps everyone motivated, informed, and connected. The DEON platform is highly adaptable, supporting Design Thinking, agile project management, and immersive presentations that go beyond traditional bullet points.

Say goodbye to boring slideshows, as DEON allows for seamless transitions between work and presentation. Multiple users can collaborate on presentations simultaneously from different locations, making the experience truly interactive. DEON also caters to Powerwalls, allowing you to combine different display hardware and span huge projects across multiple screens without any quality or performance limitations.

In addition, DEON offers Teamboards, eliminating the need for paper printing by providing a digital platform for easy and instant communication between team members. With their commitment to excellence, DEON meets the highest standards for performance, reliability, and security. They have achieved the prestigious TISAX certification, ensuring a consistent approach to information security systems for the automotive industry in Europe.

Experience the future of work and collaboration with DEON. Register and download the platform today to unlock limitless possibilities for boosting creativity and efficiency in your digital endeavors


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