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digitalpost är en digital brevlåda för all din post.


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Digitalpost is a digital mailbox for all your mail. We scan physical mail and store it in a web archive for specific addresses in Sweden. With Digitalpost, you can access all your mail wherever you are.

It's a simpler and more enjoyable way to receive your mail. Digitalpost delivers all your mail digitally, making it easier for you to stay up to date with your mail no matter where you are. You can quickly sort important mail and save it with us.

We become your digital secretary for all your mail. You also have the option to forward mail to colleagues or external companies for services like ongoing invoice processing. With Digitalpost, you can easily find and download your mail from anywhere in the world.

Our service is suitable for consultants who rarely work in an office, self-employed individuals who want to manage their mail efficiently, and private individuals who have multiple residences or live abroad. We offer high security and use Microsoft's Azure cloud service and recommended products to ensure the safety and stability of your documents. Our office is equipped with security measures, including video surveillance and a secure archive for your postbox.

Privacy and confidentiality are top priorities for us. Digitalpost aims to simplify how mail is opened, received, and archived. We want it to be fun and convenient to open mail, including checking for spam.

You can even sort important mail on your iPad while enjoying a cup of coffee at a café before your meeting. We offer various pricing options based on the number of letters you choose to open each month. We provide an address for your physical mail and scan the first page (e.

g., envelope) for free. Our service also includes features like sending and receiving mail and packages. Whether you are a private customer or a business, Digitalpost is here to be your digital mailbox.

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