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Einstein Healthcare Network is a healthcare system with approximately 1,000 beds and more than 8,700 employees serving the communities of Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Pa.


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Jefferson Health – Einstein is a healthcare system based in the United States. It was formed as a result of the merger between Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and the Philadelphia University of Medicine and Science in 2017. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The main products and services offered by Jefferson Health – Einstein include a wide range of healthcare services such as primary care, specialty care, diagnostic testing, imaging services, surgery, emergency services, and rehabilitation services. The organization also operates several hospitals, medical centers, and outpatient facilities. In terms of global operations, Jefferson Health – Einstein primarily focuses on serving the local communities in the Philadelphia region.

The company does not have any significant subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships on a global scale. Jefferson Health – Einstein holds a strong market position within the healthcare industry. It is one of the largest healthcare providers in the Philadelphia area and has a reputation for delivering high-quality patient care.

The company faces significant competition from other healthcare systems and hospitals in the region. There have been several major events and achievements that have contributed to the growth of Jefferson Health – Einstein. In 2020, the organization was recognized as one of the Best Employers for Women by Forbes.

Additionally, Jefferson Health – Einstein has made substantial investments in research and innovation to improve patient outcomes and advance medical knowledge. As of the latest available information, Jefferson Health – Einstein continues to provide healthcare services to the community. The company remains committed to delivering excellent patient care and driving innovation in the healthcare industry.

In conclusion, Jefferson Health – Einstein is a prominent healthcare system based in the United States. With a focus on serving the Philadelphia region, the organization offers a wide range of healthcare services. It has a strong market position and has achieved notable recognition for its commitment to patient care and innovation


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