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We offer software growth capital investments to B2B companies in high-growth stages.


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Elsewhere Partners is a brand that specializes in offering software growth capital investments to B2B companies in high-growth stages. Their unique approach combines transitional capital with transformational expertise to support businesses in achieving success on their own terms. With a strong philosophy and a dedicated team of professionals, Elsewhere Partners is committed to helping B2B software and services companies reach their next growth milestones.

What sets Elsewhere Partners apart is their network of knowledge and experience. They connect their portfolio companies with a curated network of operating advisors, as well as their seasoned in-house investment team. This collaboration allows businesses to tap into the brilliance of individuals who can take their operations to the next level.

Elsewhere Partners invests in exceptional software companies that have achieved a lot with minimal resources. They often work with companies located outside traditional growth capital hubs and those that have bootstrapped to build capital-efficient businesses. By providing the necessary capital, connections, and expertise, Elsewhere Partners empowers these outliers to achieve their next phase of growth.

Founders choose to partner with Elsewhere because of the brand's pragmatic approach to growth. The company's ability to offer transitional capital and transformational expertise plays a significant role in supporting businesses on their growth journeys. Whether it's revenue and growth leaders, product and technology leaders, or sector experts, Elsewhere Partners has an extensive network of professionals who can contribute their knowledge and wisdom.

Elsewhere Partners has already demonstrated the effectiveness of their approach through successful partnerships with companies like Itential, Vyopta, ActivTrak, Relatient, and BurstIQ. These companies value the support provided by Elsewhere Partners in terms of capital, connections, and strategic guidance. With a focus on a people-centric future, Elsewhere Partners aims to enable exponential growth for its portfolio companies, both in the U.

S. The brand understands the demanding pace of the software industry and provides invaluable expertise to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Stay connected with Elsewhere Partners by checking out their blog and insights section, where you can find valuable information and updates about their investments and the software landscape.

Overall, Elsewhere Partners is a trusted partner for B2B software and services companies looking to achieve exceptional growth, backed by a network of knowledge and experience


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