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Eworkit offre consulenza informatica per aziende: dallo sviluppo app Android e iOS, a sistemi di realtร  aumentata, realtร  virtuale e mista.


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Eworkit is a leading brand that offers IT consulting services for businesses. From developing Android and iOS apps to creating augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality systems, Eworkit provides comprehensive solutions for your business needs. Our team of skilled developers is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and assisting our clients every step of the way, from design to release.

We are committed to shaping the future of your company. At Eworkit, we offer a range of solutions to assist businesses in their IT journey. We provide expert IT consulting services from research and development to product distribution, utilizing the best technologies and selecting solutions that align with your business goals.

With our mobile app development services, we ensure a seamless user experience by creating innovative Android, iOS, and web applications that work across platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Enhance your digital experience with our augmented reality solutions. By transmitting visual, auditory, and sensory information, we help you promote products or services, launch marketing campaigns, and gather unique user data.

Choose our mixed reality technology to create new environments that bridge the virtual and real world. Interact with holographic images and manipulate virtual objects as if they were right in front of you. Immerse yourself in a realistic digital environment with our virtual reality solutions.

Experience virtual objects that feel incredibly real, providing a fully immersive digital experience. Contact us today via email at info@eworkit. it or visit our headquarters in Piazza Francesco Cupani, 32, 00172 Roma, to learn more about how Eworkit can help your business thrive in the digital era


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