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FireFly Barbecue home the best tasting BBQ Sauces, BBQ Rubs & BBQ's in the UK. Handmade in the UK with NO NASTIES! 15 Great Taste Awards, NYC Sauce King - American Royal Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet 2019!! Clifton Chilli Club Silver medal.

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Firefly Barbecue is a brand that understands the true essence of barbecuing. They believe that it's all about bringing together friends, family, and loved ones to enjoy good times and good food. That's why they have created a range of delicious barbecue sauces, rubs, seasonings, and chili sauces to make these moments even more special. Their products have been recognized for their outstanding quality and taste, having received over 25 Great Taste Awards from 2017 to 2023. Firefly Barbecue takes pride in using sustainably sourced, fresh, and authentic ingredients to elevate your meals. Their BBQ rubs and sauces are bursting with flavor and contain no artificial preservatives or flavor enhancers. At Firefly Barbecue, they understand that cooking at home should never be a compromise. Their rubs and sauces are not only incredibly flavorful but also good for you. They believe in transparency, connection, accessibility, value, and quality. By prioritizing these values, they have created a brand that offers gourmet, hand-crafted products that capture the true essence of the American barbecue experience. Subscribe to their newsletter to get recipe ideas and be the first to hear about their new sauces. Firefly Barbecue is here to make your meals more delicious, exciting, and extraordinary.


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