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Sleep Dentistry: Simplified - Expert-managed sleep dentistry digital marketing services and practice management support empower dentists to build a profitable sleep program within their existing practice with minimal time commitment and investment.

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Forefront is a brand that specializes in sleep dentistry practice management. Led by Andrew Schweiger and the Forefront Dental Team, they are dedicated to helping dentists thrive and excel in the field of sleep dentistry. Andrew Schweiger, the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of the Sleep Dentistry Group, has extensive experience in building and growing dental practices. In just 12 months, he transformed a single-office general practice into a highly profitable 9-location sleep only practice group. With his expertise in administrative operations, Andrew has developed a replicable model for sleep dentistry practice success. Forefront offers a range of services, including sleep dentistry practice administration tips, to help dentists offer wider access to care that benefits both their patients and their practices. If you want to grow your dental practice and achieve success in sleep dentistry, Forefront is here to help.


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