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Ganenou is a renowned brand that has been providing quality education to children since 1961. The name Ganenou translates to our garden in Hebrew, symbolizing a nurturing environment where thousands of children have discovered their roots and talents. With a comprehensive range of educational programs, from preschool to secondary school, Athénée Ganenou caters to around eight hundred students. Its dedicated team of teachers and educators aspire to foster the growth and development of each student, guiding them through their first experiences, such as their first Hebrew rhyme, first drawing, first letter, first equation, and eventually their first university success.

The brand focuses on clearly defined educational objectives at every level, aligning with both the Belgian curriculum and Jewish studies. At Athénée Ganenou, individualized and high-performing education is emphasized, with a strong emphasis on active learning, critical thinking, and tailored support for students needing extra attention or aiming to excel. The brand’s commitment to Jewish identity is also evident in its curriculum, which includes the study of traditions, history, Hebrew, and Jewish thought. Integrating students at any stage of their schooling, Ganenou ensures that they receive a comprehensive Jewish education starting from their time in the nursery.

With its four main sections—Creche, Preschool, Primary, and Secondary—Athénée Ganenou boasts a holistic approach to education. Located in Brussels, the brand's contact information and further details can be found on their website. Ganenou's education philosophy promotes an enriching learning experience, fostering each child's personal growth and intellectual development.


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