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The complete digital purchasing and material control system, combining the daily processes of quotations, ordering, receiving and stock taking for the hotel, restaurant and catering business in one single platform.


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Gazindo is a leading brand that offers a complete digital purchasing and material control system, catering specifically to the hotel, restaurant, and catering business. With Gazindo, these industries can streamline their daily processes, from quotations and ordering to receiving and stocktaking, all on one single platform. By integrating all these crucial tasks into a unified system, Gazindo empowers businesses to efficiently manage their procurement operations.

This digital solution ensures a seamless and cost-effective experience, saving time and resources while enhancing productivity. With Gazindo, businesses can easily generate and request quotations, place orders, track deliveries, and efficiently manage their inventory. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies and automates complex procurement operations.

Gazindo's comprehensive system enables businesses in the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry to optimize their material control processes, enhance decision-making, and ultimately deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. Experience the efficiency and convenience of Gazindo as it revolutionizes procurement and material control for the hospitality and catering sectors


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