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Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) is a leading energy company based in Poland. Founded in 2007, PGE was created through the merger of several Polish energy companies. Its headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland.

PGE offers a wide range of products and services in the energy sector. It is primarily engaged in the generation, distribution, and sale of electricity and heat. The company operates numerous power plants, including coal, gas, and renewable energy facilities.

It also provides its customers with energy-related services such as installation, maintenance, and modernization of energy infrastructure. On a global scale, PGE operates mainly within Poland. However, it has subsidiaries and joint ventures that expand its activities beyond the country's borders.

PGE Baltica, a subsidiary, is responsible for developing offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. PGE EJ1 is a joint venture with ENEA and EDF that aims to construct Poland's first nuclear power plant. PGE is a market leader in Poland and one of the largest power producers in Central and Eastern Europe.

It owns and operates a significant share of the country's energy infrastructure, including power plants and transmission networks. In terms of global sales, PGE primarily serves the domestic market, providing electricity to millions of customers. In recent years, PGE has undergone significant changes in line with its growth strategy.

The company has made efforts to transition towards a more sustainable energy mix, focusing on renewable energy sources. It has invested in wind farms, solar power plants, and biomass facilities. This shift aligns with Poland's broader goal of reducing reliance on coal and achieving carbon neutrality.

As of the latest updates, PGE continues to expand its renewable energy portfolio. It aims to increase its share of renewable capacity significantly by 2030. The company is also actively involved in research and development projects, aiming to innovate and transform the energy sector.

PGE aims to leverage its market position and expertise to contribute to the long-term sustainability and security of Poland's energy system


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