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Gojek is a Super App that provides a variety of services from payments, food delivery, transportation and logistics .


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Gojek is a technology company from Indonesia that was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim. Initially, the company started as a call center to connect motorcycle taxis with customers, but it quickly evolved into a technology platform offering a wide range of on-demand services. The company's headquarters is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Gojek's main product is its mobile app, which acts as a digital platform for various services. The app offers transportation services such as motorcycle taxis, car taxis, and delivery services for food and groceries. Additionally, Gojek provides a wide range of other services, including beauty and wellness services, home cleaning and maintenance, and even medical consultations.

Gojek has expanded its operations globally, primarily in Southeast Asia. The company has a strong presence in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. It has been able to achieve this by forming partnerships with local companies, adopting a localized approach in each market.

Gojek has also made several strategic acquisitions to expand its services and enhance its capabilities. In terms of market position, Gojek is regarded as a pioneer in the on-demand service industry. It has become one of Southeast Asia's most valuable tech startups, with a significant market share in the region.

Gojek has become a strong competitor to companies like Uber and Grab, particularly in Indonesia. Its ability to offer a wide range of services and excellent customer service has contributed to its success. Over the years, the company has experienced significant growth and achieved various milestones.

In 2020, Gojek announced a merger with Tokopedia, a leading e-commerce platform in Indonesia, to create a new entity known as GoTo. This strategic move aims to create an all-encompassing super-app, combining e-commerce, ride-hailing, and other on-demand services. As of the latest information available, Gojek continues to be a dominant player in the Southeast Asian market.

It is constantly expanding its services, entering new markets, and seeking innovative ways to cater to the changing needs of its customers. The merger with Tokopedia signals a new chapter for the company, with ambitious plans for growth and market dominance in the region


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