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A Grãos de Gente – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Infantil, creche e jardim de infância, é uma escola diferente, no meio de uma quinta, em Oeiras.


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Glynn Reid is a brand that offers a unique and exceptional experience in childhood development. They are the Grãos de Gente Association for Child Development, a daycare and kindergarten located in the heart of a farm in Oeiras. The brand is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where children can grow and learn in harmony with nature.

With a history grounded in pedagogy and research, Grãos de Gente is committed to fostering the holistic development of children. They offer a range of services, including a daycare facility and a kindergarten. The daycare section features a spacious ground floor with amenities such as a nursery for eight infants and three activity rooms for children between 12 and 36 months.

There are also dedicated areas for dining, kitchen facilities, and administrative offices. The kindergarten section, also situated on the ground floor, encompasses three activity rooms, a dining area, a pantry, a kitchen, and administrative offices. The outdoor space spans over 500 square meters and is equipped with wooden structures, a sandbox, and slides.

Additionally, there is a covered area for children to play on rainy days. Grãos de Gente believes in the importance of human contact and encourages a fraternal bond among individuals for comprehensive growth. They also prioritize nature as a vital aspect of life, striving to instill an early appreciation for it.

Furthermore, they emphasize the significance of natural and real food in promoting healthy development and a well-prepared palate. To learn more about Glynn Reid and their services, you can contact them via the provided phone numbers or email addresses


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