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How We Help You The Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SCVSAR) Helicopter Rescue Team (HRT) is an "all hazard" response team that conducts more than 80 missions per year throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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Helicopter Rescue Team is a reliable and efficient brand that specializes in aerial emergency response. Our mission is to provide swift and effective assistance in situations where immediate extraction by air is required. Our highly skilled team brings life-saving equipment, rescue personnel, and paramedics directly to patients, ensuring that disability is minimized and survival chances are improved. We offer a range of essential services to our community.

Our helicopters equipped with thermal imaging (FLIR) enable us to conduct search operations in urban environments, locating missing children and Alzheimer's patients. In the wilderness, we excel at locating and rescuing lost hikers, hunters, and campers. We can also evacuate stranded swimmers, climbers, and snowmobilers from inaccessible terrain using rescue hoists or the short haul method. Additionally, we excel in transport services for mass casualty incidents, rapidly delivering patients to definitive care using our efficient 3 litter system or the AirTEP device.

When it comes to fire suppression, we rely on two 250-gallon FAST buckets to combat fires that threaten life or structures. To enhance our operations, we have a robust command and control system that includes relaying radio transmissions to the Department of Emergency Management. Moreover, our Video Downlink System allows us to send live video feed directly to command centers. Support our cause and help us save lives by donating today.

For just $50, you can proudly wear our t-shirt and contribute to supporting the Last Resort. Join us in making a difference!.


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