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HKCEx, also known as the Hong Kong bitcoin exchange, was launched in 2014 as a leading exchange and ATM network in Hong Kong. However, it quickly became evident that the platform was nothing more than a scam. The press release announcing the exchange's launch claimed that it had received $25 million in funding and offered lucrative bonuses to new account holders.

However, this press release was later deleted, and it became clear that it was all a hoax. Despite its claims, there was no evidence to support the existence of the 10 bitcoin ATMs that HKCEx supposedly launched. In fact, the site went down just four days after its launch, leaving users unable to withdraw their funds.

HKCEx blamed a DDoS attack for the site's downtime, but it became increasingly apparent that the entire operation was a sham. Ultimately, the HKCEx team disappeared, leaving investors wondering if they would ever get their money back. The site's daily trading volume was reported to be around 500 bitcoins, and its prices were always significantly higher than other exchanges.

Unfortunately, it seems that the investors who trusted HKCEx will never recover their funds, and the truth behind the scheme may remain a mystery forever


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