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HomeRun is a brand that offers home automation control for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users through its HomeKit integration. With HomeRun 2, controlling your HomeKit setup has never been easier. Whether you prefer to control your devices from your wrist, home screen, or watch face, HomeRun provides a simple and efficient solution.

One of the key features of HomeRun is its powerful grids, which provide fast access to HomeKit scenes and other actions in your home. You can set up multiple grids for different times of the day or for different homes or rooms, allowing for a personalized and customized experience. HomeRun also offers home screen widgets that allow you to control HomeKit with ease.

You can set up widgets to control a single action or create a grid of actions, giving you quick access to the controls you need most. With Apple Watch complications, you can create multiple complications with different designs and actions. Each complication can be set to switch action and design over time individually, adding a touch of personalization.

HomeRun's design is polished and thoughtful, focusing on providing a seamless experience without distractions or hiccups. If you're looking for a simple and convenient way to control your HomeKit setup, HomeRun is the ideal solution. Ready to take control? Download HomeRun for free now and experience the convenience of effortless home automation control


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