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HotelBee hotel management system you need for everything. Manage your reservations, rooms, clients, housekeeping, accounting, reports all in one place.

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Introducing Strowberry Code's brand, HotelBee! With their all-in-one hotel management system, HotelBee provides a comprehensive solution for hotels and apartments, simplifying operations and enhancing guest experiences. This powerful property management app allows you to effortlessly manage reservations, rooms, clients, housekeeping, accounting, and generate reports, all from a single platform. HotelBee's user-friendly interface helps you streamline your property management tasks while keeping track of your guests. Additionally, their booking engine enables commission-free bookings directly from your redesigned website, turning it into a lucrative sales channel. Take control of your income and expenses with their easy-to-use accounting tool, and utilize their point of sale software for all on-site facilities such as restaurants and spas. Sell on multiple online travel agencies with their efficient channel manager that synchronizes your inventory in real time. Engage with your customers and build strong relationships using their comprehensive CRM system. HotelBee's automation features, including faster check-ins and check-outs, invoicing, and housekeeping, free up your time to focus on what truly matters – creating memorable experiences for your guests. Start your free trial today and discover how HotelBee by Strowberry Code can revolutionize your hotel management.


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