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Hynek Schlawack: Pythonista, Gopher, blogger, and speaker from Berlin / Germany.


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Hynek Schlawack is a renowned Pythonista, Gopher, blogger, and speaker based in Berlin, Germany. He specializes in developing software for hosting providers and domain registrars using Python and Go. With a passion for sharing knowledge, Hynek is an active writer and conference speaker, known for his engaging talks on small-scale DevOps.

His talks have received consistently positive feedback at conferences and events worldwide. Hynek is deeply involved in the open-source community, particularly in the Python community, and is honored to be a fellow of the Python Software Foundation. As an author and committer on projects like Twisted and CPython, he actively contributes to the open-source ecosystem.

To stay updated with his latest content and exclusive insights on his projects, Hynek offers the Hynek Did Something newsletter. It's a low-volume, tracking-free newsletter that provides subscribers with notifications on new publications and major updates. Supporting Hynek's work means enabling him to continue providing free writing, mentoring, conference speaking, and open-source contributions.

By choosing to support him, you help motivate him to dedicate his free time to creating more free and helpful content for everyone. For speaking engagements, Hynek is open to discussions and considers both community-organized non-profit conferences and compensated for-profit events. However, he no longer participates in online conferences.

To connect with Hynek, the best way is via email. He is fluent in Czech, German, and English. Note: Please refrain from offering guest posts or SEO-related inquiries, as Hynek does not participate in these activities


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