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Illustrators. ru (Иллюстраторс. ру) is a vibrant community of Russian-speaking artists and illustrators.

Our community caters to both illustrators and clients seeking illustrations for their projects. On our website, you'll find a vast collection of portfolios from talented artists practicing different styles. Each illustrator can create their unique page to showcase their work or share their knowledge, news, and thoughts on illustrations and art in general with the audience.

We also welcome clients in need of illustrations. Whether it's for books, advertising, magazines, or the internet, you'll find the right illustrator in our dedicated 'Work' section, where you can post ads or contact an artist after registration. Publishing in the 'Work' section is currently free, so hurry and start collaborating with professionals who will breathe life into your projects.

For practicing artists, we offer a dual registration system. After registering, you'll initially receive a basic (amateur) account. Based on your submitted links and work, our moderators and professional artists will determine if you are eligible for a professional Master account.

The difference between these accounts is significant. While the basic account allows you to upload 60 illustrations, the Master account lets you upload 250 illustrations, with all the Master illustrations becoming featured in the default Illustrations section. Additionally, on the basic account, you can respond to job ads 5 times a month, compared to 25 times on the Master account.

Achieving professional status may take some time, as it requires you to demonstrate your skills and activity, primarily through your artwork. Only another professional illustrator can nominate you for a Master account in the Community section. There is also a third type of account available, the Premium account.

It is a paid account that removes all limitations on the website. With the Premium account, you can upload an unlimited number of illustrations and respond to any number of job ads in the 'Work' section, among other exclusive features that we constantly work on. Stay with us, as we love having you here!


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