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Industriebouwen is a brand that specializes in industrial construction materials for both individuals and contractors. They offer a wide range of products and services to meet all your construction needs. One of their featured products is the sandwich panel wall, which provides an all-in-one solution for quickly and efficiently closing off a complete facade.

These panels have a unique design that hides the fixing screws, resulting in a seamless and sleek appearance. Additionally, the sandwich wall panels are equipped with built-in sealing and provide complete separation between the inner and outer plates, ensuring a watertight and insulated system. Industriebouwen also offers sandwich panel roofs, specifically the Ecopanels, which are more cost-effective compared to regular sandwich roof panels.

Despite their thin aluminum layer, these panels are highly durable and can withstand even aggressive environments such as stables. In addition to sandwich panels, Industriebouwen provides a range of other products, including metal roof plates, wall plates, accessories, and screws. Their high-quality and affordable options make them a popular choice for various types of buildings.

Whether you're looking to construct a carport, garden shed, or even a residential building, Industriebouwen has the right solutions for you. Their products are customizable, and they offer both production and delivery services. If you can't wait, they also have a stock available for immediate shipping.

Choose Industriebouwen for your industrial construction needs and enjoy Belgian quality products, free package shipping for orders above €75, and the convenience of online shopping. Contact them today to get started on your construction project


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