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Integral is a brand that offers enterprise-grade crypto accounting and treasury management solutions, making it the most powerful financial tool for web3 CFOs. With over $100 billion already processed through Integral Accounting, it is trusted by more than 150 next-generation teams. Integral helps businesses automate their bookkeeping, gain real-time visibility into their crypto operations, and take swift action. Their platform cuts through the complexities of Web3 with legible transactions, automated workflows, powerful integrations, data proofing tools, and spam filtering capabilities. By eliminating the busy work, Integral allows businesses to make sense of their crypto activity efficiently. The brand caters to various industries and domains, catering to accountants, funds, NFT collections, web3 startups, marketplaces, and businesses that require scale and performance. Integral has built a new financial stack, designed for speed, performance, and visibility, enabling businesses to operate at scale. It processes over $10 billion monthly and offers daily transaction capacity in the millions, with low API latency. Integral's strength lies in its ability to connect with all crypto accounts and ERP systems, providing users with a precise and complete picture of their crypto business. Their platform offers customizable views, automated bookkeeping, legible data rules, real-time treasury visibility, streamlined taxes, auditable records and reports, and much more. The praise for Integral from leaders, finance professionals, and builders in the web3 space speaks volumes about its innovative financial stack. The brand has received accolades for its customer-focused approach, user-friendly dashboard, strategic insights, exceptional product quality, and adaptability to the needs of businesses. To experience how Integral can revolutionize your financial data and operations and help you scale your business with confidence, book a demo today. With Integral, managing your crypto accounting has never been easier.


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