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Welcome to Ju-Jitsu European Union (JJEU)! JJEU is the governing union for sports associations and federations practicing ju-jitsu in Europe. As a non-political and non-commercial organization, JJEU promotes ju-jitsu without differentiation among races and religions. JJEU serves as the European forum where National Official Sport Authorities can discuss issues related to the practice of ju-jitsu.

Their goal is to establish European programs and activities while electing the institutions to implement them. As a member of the Ju-jitsu International Federation (JJIF), JJEU plays an important role in promoting ju-jitsu on a global scale. Information published on their website is for non-commercial use and subject to copyrights.

For best user experience, please use the latest version of your browser. JJEU's official website, designed and administered by Marcel Kouwenberg and Rick Frowyn, provides valuable information about ju-jitsu and its history as a sport and martial art. It also offers links to useful sites, premium partners, and a membership application form.

Please note that JJEU and JJIF logos are protected by copyright and misuse or violation will be reported and prosecuted. For any inquiries or questions, you can contact the General Secretary, Rick Frowyn, or the Media Director, Rick Frowyn, via email. Discover the world of ju-jitsu with JJEU, where ethics, fair-play, and inclusivity are celebrated


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