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Kansaneläkelaitos, Kela, hoitaa Suomessa asuvien sosiaaliturvaa eri elämäntilanteissa.


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Kela, also known as The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, is a government agency responsible for implementing social security schemes in Finland. Established in 1937, Kela's mission is to promote social security and provide equitable services to all residents of Finland. Kela operates under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland's capital city.

The agency is funded through contributions from both employers and employees, as well as through government subsidies. The main products and services offered by Kela include various types of social security benefits and assistance programs. These cover a wide range of areas including healthcare, maternity and paternity benefits, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, housing support, and pensions.

Kela plays a significant role in ensuring the welfare and well-being of Finnish residents. While Kela primarily operates within Finland, it also collaborates with other countries through agreements and partnerships. For instance, it participates in the coordination of social security systems with other European Union member states and has mutual agreements with several countries regarding pension and healthcare benefits.

In terms of its market position, Kela is the largest provider of social security benefits in Finland. It ensures that the Finnish population has access to essential services and benefits, contributing to the overall social welfare of the country. Although there are no specific global sales figures available, Kela remains highly regarded and respected by both citizens and counterparts worldwide.

Throughout its history, Kela has undergone numerous changes and adaptations to meet the evolving needs of Finnish society. It has continuously improved its processes and expanded its range of services to accommodate changing demographics and social dynamics. These developments have strengthened Kela's position as a reliable and trusted institution.

As of the latest available information, Kela continues to play an integral role in Finland's social welfare system. It regularly introduces new initiatives to enhance accessibility and efficiency, such as digital services and electronic application processes. These efforts ensure that Kela remains at the forefront of social security provision in Finland


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