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Kesko is a Finnish listed trading sector company.


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Kesko Corporation, commonly referred to as Kesko, is a Finnish retailing conglomerate, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Established in 1940 by Finnish wholesalers, Kesko initially operated as a purchasing cooperative for independent retailers. Over time, the company diversified its operations and expanded into various sectors, including grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade.

Kesko's headquarters, known as Kesko House, is located in the Kalasatama district of Helsinki. The modern building serves as the central hub for the company's operations and houses various departments, including management, finance, and administration. The company offers a wide range of products and services to both consumers and businesses.

In the grocery trade sector, Kesko operates various grocery store chains, including K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket, K-Market, and Neste K. Additionally, it owns Kespro, a wholesale foodservice company. In the building and technical trade sector, Kesko operates chains such as K-Rauta, K-maatalous, and Onninen, providing products and services related to construction, renovation, and maintenance.

The car trade segment comprises several car dealerships offering a variety of vehicle brands. Kesko has a significant global presence, with operations in multiple countries. Key subsidiaries and joint ventures include the Kesko Food business in Finland, Kesko Senukai operating in the Baltic countries, and the K-Group companies in Sweden and Norway.

The company also has partnerships with various international retailers. In terms of market position, Kesko holds a strong position in the Finnish retail market. It has consistently been one of the largest companies in Finland, with high market shares in its respective sectors.

Globally, Kesko's revenue has been steadily growing, with its sales exceeding €13 billion in recent years. Kesko has taken several notable steps to drive growth and innovation. In recent years, the company has focused on digitalization and e-commerce, offering online shopping platforms and improving its customer experience through digital solutions.

Additionally, Kesko has actively pursued sustainability initiatives, promoting environmentally friendly practices and investing in renewable energy projects. As of the latest available information, Kesko continues to expand its operations and strengthen its market position. With ongoing efforts in digitalization, sustainability, and customer-focused strategies, Kesko remains committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers while driving growth and profitability


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