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Killian Hill Christian School is the leading Christian private K4-12 education in the North Atlanta area.


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Killian Hill Christian School is a leading Christian private education institution located in Lilburn, GA, serving students from K4-12. Known for its strong emphasis on STEAM education, Killian Hill Christian School has nurtured graduates who have successfully enrolled in reputable collegiate programs across the United States. The school offers a comprehensive range of programs and services to cater to each student's needs and aspirations.

From preschool and kindergarten (K4 & K5) to elementary school (grades 1-6) and secondary school (grades 7-12), Killian Hill Christian School provides a world-class academic and extra-curricular program rooted in a biblical worldview. The school also boasts an impressive student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1, ensuring personalized attention and support for each student. With a commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence, Killian Hill Christian School strives to foster a diverse and nurturing environment that educates the whole student.

This includes a strong focus on cultivating servant-leadership skills, mentoring, discipleship, and instilling a Christ-like pursuit of excellence and personal accountability. Whether through clubs, extracurricular activities, or classes, Killian Hill Christian School offers students numerous opportunities to explore their interests and develop key skills for future success. The school also provides fine arts and athletic programs, encouraging students to express their talents and passions in a supportive and encouraging environment.

At Killian Hill Christian School, students are not only equipped with the necessary knowledge but are also guided in their spiritual growth. The school prides itself on creating a sense of family among its students, faculty, and staff, fostering an atmosphere where every member genuinely cares for one another's success. From instilling good study habits to developing a strong work ethic, Killian Hill Christian School ensures that students are prepared for college and beyond, both academically and spiritually.

Overall, as a proud alumnus of Killian Hill Christian School, I experienced a supportive and enriching learning environment that nurtured my academic and personal growth


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