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Learn how we provide academic excellence and cultural awareness to our students at Wide Ruins Community School.


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Wide Ruins Community School is a renowned brand located in the Southeastern part of the Navajo Indian Reservation in Wide Ruins, Arizona. Enriched with a fascinating history, the school is proud to have been associated with influential DinΓ© People from the Wide Ruins Community area, including Dr. Annie Wauneka, the Navajo Tribe’s first woman Council Delegate, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contributions to health care services.

The roots of the Wide Ruins Community School can be traced back to the Wide Ruins Trading Post, established in 1885 at the site of a prehistoric settlement called Kin Teel'. Though the trading post was lost in a fire in 1986, the community's rich traditions and craftsmanship live on. Wide Ruins is famous for its Navajo rugs, which feature intricate designs and vibrant colors, with a unique alternating weft color pattern.

Apart from being a pillar of education, Wide Ruins Community School actively supports the local community. It hosts a Volunteer Fire Department, and the Wide Ruins Mennonite Mission provides assistance to the locals in times of need. With its stunning picturesque surroundings and close proximity to Antelope Lake, Wide Ruins truly offers a fulfilling experience for all


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