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Greens is a leading brand in the hotel, restaurant, and banquet operations industry. With a focus on specialized accommodation-based hotels, Greens has expanded its diverse range of hotels nationwide. As a dedicated mid-range hotel operator, Greens has established a network across major cities nationwide, with global hotel brands as their mainstay.

Greens offers two main business divisions: the Choice Hotels division, which encompasses a portfolio of over 7,000 hotels in more than 40 countries, and the Greens Hotels division, which leverages over 60 years of experience and trust in hotel operations. In addition, Greens has a subsidiary, Choice Hotels Japan, which operates Comfort branded hotels in Japan through a franchise agreement. Committed to corporate social responsibility, Greens actively engages in various initiatives related to CSR and the SDGs.

They also prioritize the growth and development of their employees, providing a wide range of HR systems to ensure every individual can contribute their best. For more information about Greens and their services, you can visit their official websites, including the reservation sites for their Comfort brand hotels and Greens Hotels, as well as the introduction site for their restaurant, Miyabi


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