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Kolektiv is creative user experience design studio from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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Kolektiv is a user experience design company that specializes in accelerating businesses through their expertise in UX/UI design. They understand that good user experience is essential for successful enterprise and brand relationships. With a focus on mission, values, and interaction design, Kolektiv helps companies create cohesive and engaging experiences for their users across various platforms. Some of Kolektiv's notable partnerships include Genesys, where they developed responsive user interfaces for a global seed bank operated by CropTrust.

They also contributed to the development of Voyego, a suite of advanced digital services for the hospitality industry, including app and web service user experience design. In addition, Kolektiv has worked on projects such as Spendless, a web platform for energy efficiency that helps users calculate their energy usage and receive cost-saving advice. They have also collaborated on the Business SOS project, improving public regulations in Slovenia's business and economy sector. Kolektiv's impressive portfolio includes collaborations with S&T, where they developed complete web appearances and digital communications, and Mimovrste, where they redefined the brand, user experience, and communication solutions, helping create one of the largest and most recognized online stores in Slovenia.

Other clients include Golf Arboretum, for whom they developed a visual identity and provided support in their communication activities. For DZS, Kolektiv designed the user experience for their B2C and B2B online shops, making them the central point of business. They also worked with Foodbasket, creating a web application for calculating nutritional values of food recipes. Kolektiv's spinoff company, Noordung, combines superior design and innovative engineering to create a bike that aims to provide the greatest user experience in the bicycle industry.

They also have their own brand called Giftoo, a specialized gift certificate web and mobile shop, designed to provide a simple and efficient shopping experience. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Kolektiv is ready to bring their expertise to accelerate your business through excellent user experiences. Contact them today to discuss your project and take your brand to the next level.


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