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A Kumon, l’alumne és el veritable protagonista i el nostre objectiu principal és que aconsegueixi aprendre a estudiar d’una manera autodidacta.


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Kumon is a brand that focuses on helping children learn independently. Our main goal is to enable students to become self-learners and develop lifelong study skills. What we offer goes beyond regular tutoring classes.

Kumon is a long-term learning method that cultivates various abilities and skills in students through our Kumon Mathematics program. Our Mathematics program is designed for children, but it is not exclusive to younger students. Each student starts at a level that is suitable for them, whether it's learning basic counting, practicing primary school math exercises, or solving equations.

Each point in the program gradually builds upon the skills acquired in the previous level, allowing students to develop mental agility and maximize their learning potential. In addition to Mathematics, we also offer an English program. This program helps students acquire the language skills necessary to understand advanced English texts and express themselves fluently.

As a result, they will broaden their knowledge base by approaching different cultures and accessing information in English, which is an essential international communication language today. With our method, students acquire self-study skills, as they independently find ways to overcome any challenges they encounter. This not only enhances their confidence but also fosters a sense of personal growth.

Although Kumon is a self-study method, our instructors are always available to provide guidance and support when needed. Start your child's journey to independent learning with Kumon today


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