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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), U.S. Department of Energy national lab.


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Berkeley Lab, also known as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is an esteemed institution dedicated to advancing human knowledge and finding scientific solutions to the biggest challenges facing humanity. With a rich history and strong leadership, Berkeley Lab conducts groundbreaking research in various fields. Their research focuses on discovery science and finding clean energy solutions to create a healthy planet.

This includes exploring areas such as AI, mathematics, and data, as well as accelerator technologies and cosmic frontiers. They also delve into materials and chemical sciences, microelectronics, and mysteries of matter. In the quest for clean energy, Berkeley Lab works on alternative energy, bioenergy, carbon management, energy efficiency, energy storage, and sustainable transportation.

The lab also places considerable emphasis on studying healthy earth systems, clean and affordable water, climate, earth and ecological systems, and human health, from microbes to ecosystems. Through their research, Berkeley Lab generates emerging ideas and develops scientists of tomorrow. Berkeley Lab boasts exceptional capabilities and top researchers leading team science using unique facilities.

They are home to several DOE National User Facilities, which include the Advanced Light Source, the DOE Joint Genome Institute, and the Molecular Foundry. Their core research areas cover biosciences, computing sciences, earth and environmental sciences, energy sciences, and physical sciences. The institution is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has garnered numerous accolades, including Nobel Prizes and National Medals.

Additionally, Berkeley Lab encourages engagement with their world-class facilities through partnerships, career acceleration, community involvement, educational opportunities, and visiting and connecting with other experts. Berkeley Lab's expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, including microelectronics, energy efficiency, and quantum science, among others. Through their consistent efforts and pioneering research, Berkeley Lab is at the forefront of driving scientific advancements and making a positive impact on the world


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