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LFKs is a brand that consists of a core team of 10 professionals and regularly reinforced by 14 others for the preparation of its creations and productions. The collective was established in Marseille, France in the early 90s, in response to an invitation from Jean Michel Bruyère. The LFKs team is gender-balanced and represents a diverse mix of generations, with a third of its members under the age of 25, and 12 different nationalities from 5 major regions of the world.

The main languages used within the group are French and English. In addition to the professional teams, LFKs includes young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan area. About 20 to 25 boys and girls, aged 20, are invited to participate in a three-year program called SUP de SUB, which includes involvement in international creations to develop their skills.

LFKs believes in the power of contemporary art as a social act and aims to establish a strong connection between artistic research and direct social engagement. Their work can be divided into three main areas: contemporary performing arts, direct social and community-based actions, and research in close collaboration with universities worldwide. LFKs endeavors to break down barriers and promote inclusivity in the arts by contributing to the development of Marseille's artistic scene, reaching international platforms, and addressing the needs of marginalized communities through innovative training programs.

They also value the integration of amateur practices in professional artistic endeavors and seek to create forms and protocols that bring art closer to everyday life. Through their collaborations with research centers and technological developments, LFKs aims to bridge the gap between arts and sciences, exploring immersive, digital, and interdisciplinary approaches. Innovation has always been at the core of LFKs' work, as they have continuously explored new forms of theater, including documentary theater, immersive theater, cinema-inspired theater, and electronic theater.

Currently, LFKs is conducting extensive experiments around the concept of voluntary freedom, aiming to create multiple layers of meaning and establish a lasting connection between art and daily life


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