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A Lifial é uma empresa líder de mercado na produção de abraçadeiras metálicas para fixação, agricultura e indústria.


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Lifial is a leading brand in the market that specializes in the production of metal clamps for fixing, agriculture, and industry. With years of experience, Lifial has established a strong international presence. Their range of products includes metal clamps specifically designed for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Lifial's commitment to innovation and the exceptional quality of their products and services has made them a market leader in the clamp industry. Notable highlights include receiving the PME Excelência 2015 status, a prestigious recognition that acknowledges small and medium-sized enterprises with outstanding economic and management performance. This distinction allows Lifial to build trust and credibility with their stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and financial institutions, promoting the growth of their business.

Moreover, Lifial has also been recognized with the PME Excelência 2014 status awarded by the Municipality of Águeda, affirming their remarkable financial stability and contribution to the national economy and employment. For more information and to explore their extensive product range, you can download Lifial's 2022 catalog from their website. Join Lifial today and experience the premier quality and reliability of their products


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