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Limburg win (d) t wants to be climate-neutral (see also the provincial TACO2 plan).


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Limburg wind(t) nv is a Belgian brand that specializes in the production of green energy in the Limburg province. Founded in 2009 by Aspiravi nv and LRM, Limburg wind(t) nv is committed to exploring potential wind energy projects in Limburg and bringing them to fruition. As a result, they currently manage 42 wind turbines in the province, accounting for nearly 30% of all wind turbines in Limburg.

All Limburg municipalities hold shares in Aspiravi nv through Nuhma, the Limburg climate company, making them a significant stakeholder in the brand. With a mission to achieve a carbon-neutral Limburg by 2050, Limburg wind(t) nv plays a vital role in the necessary energy transition. By investing in wind energy and actively participating in its management, they contribute to the growth of renewable energy sources and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

If you're interested in joining their cause and supporting wind energy, Limburg wind(t) nv provides opportunities for investment. To learn more about their projects, news, or contact details, visit their website


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