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Voor ieder doel en doelgroep ontwikkelt Lime Factory verfrissende en meetbare sampling- en activatiecampagnes.


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Lime Factory is a refreshing and measurable sampling and activation agency that develops campaigns for any purpose and target audience. They offer a range of services including winacties (contests), monsterbox delivery, cashback programs, sampling, store activation, data and insights collection, and more. Lime Factory specializes in creating efficient campaigns that are tailored to each specific goal and audience.

These campaigns not only increase product trial, awareness, and penetration but also lead to greater recognition, appreciation, and an intention to repurchase. They provide channel sampling campaigns to reach specific target groups at the right time and place. Additionally, their store activation campaigns help increase product rotation and attract consumer attention.

Lime Factory's cashback program, powered by kassabonkorting. nl, efficiently stimulates trial and repeat purchases. With Lime Factory, you can effortlessly boost your campaign with their winacties and generate consumer data with their actiewebsites.

Furthermore, their Monsterbox service allows you to reach new audiences at their homes and gain valuable insights about your product. At Lime Factory, their expertise and successful collaborations across various industries make their campaigns measurable and effective. Contact them today to elevate your marketing efforts


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