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Linux Containers is an umbrella project that encompasses various container and virtualization tools. The goal of this project is to provide a distro and vendor neutral environment for the development of Linux container technologies. At Linux Containers, our focus is to offer containers and virtual machines that run full Linux systems, providing a complete and seamless experience.

One of our key projects is LXC, a well-known Linux container runtime that consists of tools, templates, and library and language bindings. LXC is highly flexible and covers all containment features supported by the upstream kernel. We also offer Incus, a container and virtual-machine manager that is based on LXC for containers and QEMU for virtual machines.

Incus provides an easy-to-use, cloud-like experience that can scale from a developer's laptop to a full cluster of up to 50 servers. Additionally, Incus offers various options to manage storage and network. Another project is LXCFS, a userspace filesystem that offers overlay files and a cgroupfs compatible tree, designed to work around the shortcomings of procfs, sysfs, and cgroupfs.

distrobuilder is an image building tool for containers and virtual machines. It supports complex image definition with a simple YAML document and multiple output formats. It also provides support for various distributions and architectures.

Furthermore, we have libresource, a library of interfaces that allows users to access system resource information such as memory, CPU, stat, networking, and devices. Lastly, lxcri is a wrapper around LXC, which can be used as a drop-in container runtime replacement for use by CRI-O. Linux Containers strives to improve container technologies and provide a comprehensive environment for developers.

We take pride in offering reliable and efficient solutions for container management and virtualization


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