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High-quality cycling gloves for Men, Women and Kids that make journeys more enjoyable.


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Loffi. cc is not just a glove company, it is a brand that aims to improve the relationship between cyclists and motorists. In 2017, the founders of Loffi.

cc recognized the increasing levels of aggression and conflicts on the road, particularly in London, and wanted to find a way to address this issue. They understood that aggression arises due to various reasons and that it is a complex problem with no easy solution. The team at Loffi.

cc believed that positive communication between drivers and cyclists could make a difference. And so, they created their signature gloves, which feature a friendly wave and smile as a means of promoting social interaction on the road. The idea behind these gloves is to reduce aggression, encourage more people to cycle, and create a friendlier environment for everyone.

The positive impact of these gloves has been recognized globally, with owners reporting not only a positive effect on others, but also a happier and less stressed experience for themselves. Loffi. cc has received overwhelming feedback and is proud to be active in 43 countries and counting.

Join the Loffi. cc movement, share your happy glove story with them, and contribute towards a friendlier road environment


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