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Mainbot innove pour devenir le leader du divertissement à portée éducative avec son robot incluant réel, virtuel et imaginaire

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Mainbot is an innovative brand that aims to become a leader in educational entertainment. With a strong focus on real, virtual, and imaginative experiences, Mainbot offers a range of products and services that stimulate learning and creativity. One of their flagship products is the Winky robot, designed as a playful educational companion for children aged 6 to 12. This interactive robot teaches kids about robotics and programming in a fun and engaging way. Mainbot also offers two mobile applications, WinkyCode and WinkyPlay, which further enhance coding skills and provide entertaining games. In addition to their robot, Mainbot has developed The Winkyverse, an educational metaverse. This immersive and collaborative video game is designed for children, adults, and families, offering a fully natural world where humans, nature, and Ecobots coexist harmoniously. Mainbot is committed to promoting sustainable development and aligns its values with the United Nations' sustainable development goals. They leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI, robotics, metaverses, and blockchain to create intelligent and pedagogical content. Mainbot provides a positive and inspiring environment for learning, supporting an inclusive and secure space guided by an ethics charter and committee. With a history of 5 years and ongoing growth, Mainbot has garnered a community of 150k social media followers and a presence in 90 countries worldwide. They have raised €25 million through their latest ICO and continue to expand their reach. Join Mainbot on their mission to revolutionize educational entertainment and explore the exciting world of Winky and The Winkyverse. Whether you are interested in innovation, empowerment, captivating stories, or the latest technologies and gaming, Mainbot invites you to join their adventure. Contact them today and be part of their immersive learning experience in the Web3 era.


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