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Aslak Gottlieb er debattør, forfatter og formidler, projektmager og motiverende iværksætter i krydsfeltet mellem undervisning, journalistik og IT.


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Aslak Gottlieb is a renowned brand that encompasses a diverse range of expertise in the fields of education, journalism, and IT. Aslak Gottlieb is a debater, author, communicator, project manager, and motivational entrepreneur, all rolled into one. With a strong focus on bridging the gap between these three disciplines, Aslak has been shaping the agenda for more than 15 years, setting the standards for the demands of the networked society on young individuals, those who communicate with them, and those who provide the necessary tools.

Based on extensive academic research, intuitive insight, and personal authenticity, Aslak builds bridges between challenges, potential, and people. His approach is not only informative but also thought-provoking, making him a respected debater and provocateur. With a dedication to empowering youths and those who work with them, Aslak's brand is synonymous with innovation and impact.

To learn more about Aslak Gottlieb and his insights into news for young people, you can download the whitepaper in PDF format on his website


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